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Excellent 2012 Dakar

Once again living up to it’s claim to be the “Ultimate Rally Race” the 2012 Dakar delivered spectacular racing from start to finish, with nail biting finishes in all classes.

In the bike class the exciting battle between KTM legends Marc Coma and Cyril Despres continued as if uninterrupted from the previous 6 years in which each took 3 wins. Despres took the honors in 2012 but expect Coma not to be happy with his 2nd place and relaunch with a vengeance next year.

Dakar RallyLong before Coma and Despres battled it out, Stéphane Peterhansel won 6 Dakars in the motorcycle section and this year racked up his 4th win in the car class, totaling a record-setting 10th Dakar win.

Robbie Gordon delivered some spectacular moments in the powerful Hummer. The ever-controversial NASCAR racer finished the Dakar Rally in 5th position but his final result depends on the outcome of disqualification ruling. Not one to mix his words, an enraged Gordon made his thoughts about the Minis clear: “I just proved that Minis are for girls…” Alas, the Minis took 1st, 2nd and 4th positions.

The two Argentinian Petronelli brothers came in tops again in the Quad bike class where Yamaha occupied the first 6 positions. (Yamaha also finished 3rd and 9th in the bike class, with KTM taking the rest of the top 10 wins.)

Gérard de Rooy and his team took their Iveco to top spot in the truck class in what also was exciting competition.

As the saying goes, “The problem with a year with 12 months is that 11 of them is without the Dakar Rally.”

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