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Looking back at 2011

Looking back over the past few decades some years will stand out for the technological advances, others for perhaps war or politics or mishaps. 2011 was the year of people: the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement, the London riots, and remembering great personalities.

While the woes of the economic crash continues, with those bankers who caused it still waddling in what they gained from others’ pain, in 2011 citizens started fighting back, tackling the scoundrels in the streets, the media and the courts.

2011 will also be remember as the year in which the last convoy of US troops pulled out of Iraq (December 18th) after 9 years of crippling involvement. And it is the year in which Kim Jong-iI of North Korea died (December 19th) bringing hope to a better future for many in the region.

And not forgetting our animal friends, best explained in the “Top 10 Animal Stories of 2011” by TimesFreePress and GlobalPost.

As always, Google Zeitgeist offers a quick look at the year that was.

Trust that you have a great festive season and a FANTASTIC 2012.

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