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The weather in Cannes

Today, it is 64°F (18°C) in Cannes, France where the G-20 heads of governments are stuffing their faces, contemplating the offers of corrupt institutions, ogling the French girls and smirking at the Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou.

Normally, Cannes is a great place to visit whatever the weather. It is a beautiful seaside town with long lazy beaches, grand hotels and fantastic restaurants. This is the place where pretty actresses, handsome actors and great directors rub shoulders during the annual Cannes Film Festival held every May and the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in June. Why the town would allow the congregation of a bunch of fuglies is mind-numbing.

Then again, wherever the G-20 hang their hairy hats there is money. A lot of it. Usually, 20 representatives of the world’s largest private banks – that is, 20 finance ministers and central bank governors sent by unscrupulous money mongers – meet to discuss new strategies from which the private banks can profit but today’s meeting is attended by the bosses of the finance ministers, the head of states, no less. Since they are the very most important representatives of the private banks one actually does need to pay attention.

On the agenda for this year’s summit in Cannes is the plan to reform the international monetary system. It will be the 6th time they’re talking about the same thing. No-one – least of all the G-20 representatives – are sure what the results of the previous meetings were.

This year’s Cannes G-20 summit is also marked as a gathering of politicians who are at the low end of their popularity ratings, generally confused about their own place in the global political system, and mocked by the voters. It will also be summit remembered where all these confused representatives ganged up against the Greek Prime Minister for having the balls to take a shitty bail-out proposal to a referendum where the public – the people who bailed out the banks – can decide whether they want to allow the banks to profiteer from the messy Europe financial piracy.

Of course, Papandreou is also a politician thus most likely also just another representative of some private financial institution. And also hanging on by the threads of his nails as he faces not only the angry G-20 reps – who will get a shellacking from their banker buddies if they fail to convince more politicians to borrow more money – but an even angrier Greek public.

The weather might be comfortable in Cannes but there is a storm brewing.

Cannes, France

Cannes, France


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