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Hello Google Music!

It is told that Nero was playing the fiddle while Rome burned. While Washington burns, Google launches Google Music.

Just as well, because bankers and politicians are not bringing us joy. We’ll have to make our own. So, bring 20,000 of your best (non-pirated) songs – that’s how many Google Music allows you to store online for free – and make some beautiful noise.

Google musicTurn up the volume by adding more music from the catalog of 13 million songs provided by three of the four big music record companies and more than 1,000 independent labels.

Don’t have your own non-pirated music? Google Music gives you lots of free tracks by the Rolling Stones, Coldplay and others.

You can share your music collection with your friends on Google+. Obviously. What can be more social than music?

And, of course, there’s an Android app for that.

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