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Facebook Buffy Phone

You get the product, then the video about the product, then the book, the cap, the t-shirt, the mug, the chewing gum and then the phone. The latter gadget is the obvious addition for any brand that aspires to be noticed everywhere all the time.

So it’s only obvious that a brand as big as Facebook would have a phone. It’s be rumored for some time that there will be a Facebook phone and now it seems closer than ever, under the project code name “Buffy.”

Facebook Buffy PhoneFacebook has teamed up with Taiwan phone maker HTC to produce an Android-based cell phone that is “entirely social.” The models of choice are HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa.

With some 350 million Facebook users accessing their accounts through mobile gadgets and its fastest growing market section being in the areas that also are the fastest growing phone markets (Africa and the East) it was only a matter that Facebook should claim a slice of the lucrative mobile pie. According to AllThingsD, who broke the Facebook Buffy story, “Mobile is critical to Facebook’s future.”

The idea for a Facebook phone is not new. PCMag has a rundown of the history of the Facebook phone.

The Facebook Buffy phone is months away from launch but reaction to the news has been strong, albeit mixed. Forbes’ David Coursey thinks that there are 5 reasons why the Facebook phone will fail. Jared Newman of PCWorld says it is a bad idea because it will lock users in too tightly, citing security issues. Judging from the comments on the mentioned articles and others the reaction by the public is mixed. But, for sure, a phone is an obvious addition to the Facebook brand.

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