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Happy Birthday Google

This youngster turned 13 today, entering the teen years. Happy birthday Google. May you continue – or, in the least, try to – “do no evil.”

Google’s first kiss came at a very young age, making out with blogger (aka blogspot) – and a host of others – at age 5, with Android at age 7 and then turned hot on YouTube at age 8 with many others to follow. Sure been one heck of a busy kid, this Google youngster. Kinda reminds one of Alexander the Great who also, by the way, conquered almost the whole world at an young age.

Google 13th birthday 2011As Google cruise through its teen years – presuming it will – there will be a keen eye on the conquests and concubines, the tricks and the steps, and the side-steps.

In the meantime, Google, enjoy the icing on the top.


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