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Will and Kate’s billions

England’s Prince William and his new missus, Kate Middleton, have very wealthy parents. How much the kids themselves have is not exactly known but it’s most likely enough for more than two cups of afternoon tea and scones at Fortnums, where William’s mom, Princess Diana, use to hang out with sons William and Harry.

What William and Kate did have on their wedding day on April 29, 2011 is billions of television viewers. More than 2 billion people watched the royal wedding on television and another 400 million watched on the web. Speaking under correction, that is the biggest audience ever for any single event.

The royal wedding also was one of the top 10 biggest events ever on Facebook where continuous comments during the wedding ceremony meant that the wedding page was updated almost 100 times per second.

Obviously those are world-wide audience figures; in the United States the monarchs couldn’t take the crown from the mighty Superbowl XLV (2011), which still holds the record for the most-watched television audience in that country – 30 million vs 111 million. Even so, it just shows popular love can be.

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