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Lloyd Blankfein’s diapers

The guy who once said he was busy doing “God’s work” is finding himself in a hot spot… once again (horns et all). Lloyd Blankfein, ubermeister of Goldman Sachs, has found himself in the tight corner of a small world: facing the angry federal regulators of the Securities and Exchange Commission in a lawsuit alleging fraud against the company he steered through thick and thin. Thick for them, thin for their clients.

If you haven’t followed this amazing story a good place to start is the version of Goldman Sachs as the “Great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity.” It gets better (as an astounding insult) from there on. Mentioning the name “Blankfein” has become synonymous with Godwin’s Law.

Be that as is may. The Blankfein machine rolls on as battle tanks used to roll through Poland – with about the same conjured-up excuses for such tactics [They (the enemy) should have known].

But Blankfein is running short of diesel. Or, as an old English war song once proclaimed: “Hitler has only got one ball; the other one is on the kitchen wall.” At this time, Blankfein might be doing the Colonel Bogey March. In short, he might be wetting his pants.

So, at this stage the question is: what kind of diapers (nappies) would Lloyd Blankfein be wearing? Bumkins, Fuzzibunz, Huggies, Kushies, Pampers… or will he just use $100 bills?

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