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Facebook the movie – Part 2

In the second part of Facebook the movie, Paul Ceglia faces Mark Zuckerberg in court for 50% ownership of Facebook. Ceglia is armed with a bundle of emails proving his communication on duel-ownership with Zuckerberg. He also waves the receipt of the $1 000 he paid Zuckerberg in November 2003 for 50% of the company-to-be, then still referred to as The Face Book. Zuckerberg is unbothered,  occasionally whispering and smiling with his team of lawyers. They saw the Winklevoss brothers off easily. How could this turn out differently?

Well, how indeed? There is no Face the movie Part 2 yet but Ceglia’s new case, filed at the high court in Buffalo, New York on April 12, against Zuckerberg may just be the perfect plot… with sub plots to match. We ain’t talking pennies here. At stake is a $50 billion empire that appears unstoppable in its growth.

When you pick a lawyer, you pick a fight. There are no photographs or teasers available of this part of the Facebook battle but this new court case might just be the perfect trailer for a very social gathering. Especially among the lawyers, usually the only ones to win anything in a court case.

Most news stories are sensationalist rather than sensational but still makes for enjoyable reading, considering Ceglia’s share might, because of a certain production penalty clause, be worth 84% of Facebook … which might be reverted to Andrew Logan, founder of StreetDelivery, the company Ceglia worked for at the time. The plot thickens. Follow the drama on Bloomberg, CNet, Huffingtonpost and The Guardian.

In case it slipped your mind, the first (rather entertaining) Facebook movie is called “The Social Network.”

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