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Ron Mueck hyperrealistic sculptures

As creative director on the Australian children program Shirl’s Neighbourhood – televised from 1979 to 1984 – Ron Mueck not only made the puppets for the show but did the voices of a number of them. He also operated some of the puppets. He must have been an absolute natural because his parents were toy makers.

Ron Mueck (born 1958) moved to London where he made models for advertising at first and then, in 1996, moved on to fine art, working with his mother-in-law, the famous artist Paula Rego. Since, Mueck has created the hyperrealistic sculptures that made him world famous.

The featured pic displays Ron Mueck’s sculpture titled “In bed.” Note how Mueck is able to bring out the individuality of his character. The man is a genius.

Gautier Deblonde has a nice photo slide of the Ron Mueck at work and there is an excellent video of the production process on a Mueck figure.

Other famous true-to-life and hyperrealist artist: John De Andrea, Duanne Hanson, Patricia Piccinnini, George Segal.

Ron Mueck sculpture "In bed"

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