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Mama I want a Marcos

You know what happens. You go online to do some research, inevitably end up on YouTube and loose track of time as videos of fast bikes and supercars jump right into your screen. Like the TopGear video of Richard Hammond raving about the Marcos TSO GT2.

“Marcos” – sounds like a Portuguese name but it ain’t. As Wikipedia explains, the name is a combination of founders JemĀ MARsh and FrankĀ COStin who set up shop in Luton, England in 1959. The company has new owners and again makes great cars.

Look closely at the video: 1) listen to the sound of that 6 liter (366 cu in) V8 engine; 2) look at the great interior; 3) have you ever seen a sober grown man having more fun?!

420 hp, 450 ft-lb torque, 0 to 60 in 4.8 seconds, 170 mph top speed. And if you’re in for more, Marcos has a 462 hp version available. Oh mama! I want a Marcos.

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