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Writing a video production brief

Author: skeletonproductions

The outline of your desires for your video production is also called a video production brief. The brief is a step-by-step explanation that will allow your corporate video production create a video you are pleased with.

The task of writing a video production brief is a lot easier than it sounds. Writing a video production brief isn’t tricky or tedious.It normally doesn’t need to be longer than a comprehensive one page explanation.

If you are Stuck for where to begin then the guidelines below explain what should be included:

1. The Purpose Of Your video

You must keep the main aim of your video clear. What is the video proposing to deliver?

2. Target Audience

What range of people are you planning will view your video? How can you lump them together? What is their previous knowledge of the subject? How can you make sure it will interest them.

3. Distribution

In what areas will your video be played or seen? Will you be using it on the internet, on a DVD, or in a presentation? Will it be presented, or must it stand-alone?

4. Content

What is the key story that the video has to say? Is there another use for the video?

5. Narration

What kind of narration will your video have? There are various approaches such as voiceovers, “talking head” or interviews.

6. Style

Browse the internet for other videos that appeal to you. What feel are you hoping for your video to give?

7. Budget

How much budget is allocated to your production? If you have no budget then consider how much this video is worth to your business. Include VAT if you need to.

8. Your Deadline

When does the video need to be completed by? Are there any important dates/ events that the production must be scheduled around?

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