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Harajuku Gothic Lolita Fashion

Elegant, Geisha, Victorian, mad, modern – or a combination of it all. Gothic Lolita fashion from the Harajuku region in Japan made a lasting impression in the fashion world. Harajuku style has been around for a decade but continues to remain popular as the number of GothLolis – people who dress in Gothic Lolita fashion – grow internationally. 

Gothic and Lolita BibleHarajuku draws from Geisha, Gothic Lolita, Visual Kei and other styles but has stuck as a separate image not only because of it’s unique style but also because of media coverage and, no doubt, the famous Harajuku Girls song by Gwen Stefani (pop’s most fashionable lady?). It got a further international push when Nicki Minaj started referring to Harajuku Barbies.

Minimalism it is not; you have to look twice at Harajuku. The combination of colors, fabrics, and schemes are individual fashion choreographs in absolute detail. Pure eye candy.

Keep in mind that Harajuku fashion is worn by girls and guys: see the pics in Google Images.

The above image is the Gothic & Lolita Bible by Jenna Winterberg.

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