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Nokia N8 for guys who prefer the fuller figure

It brings back memories of The Beautiful South’s song Perfect 10. “She could be … bustin’ out at the seams, it’s still love in the first degree.” The Nokia N8 is a bit chunky – perfect for guys who prefer the fuller figure. “‘Cause we love our love in different sizes.”

Nokia made a big hoo-ha of the N8. This was meant to launch Nokia deep into smartphone territory dominated by iPhone and HTC


Early reviews of the N8, however, sang a different tune. Engadget likes the multitasking capabilities: “Multitasking was another big feature touted by Nokia and it deserves to be. Described as the proper, full fat variety, it’s implemented pretty darn well here.” But points out that “the OS (Symbian^3) is so far from being fully baked we can still see the dough.”

PCWorld says the Nokia N8 feels “slightly on the chunky side, measuring 0.5-inches thick (for comparison, the iPhone 4 is 0.37-inches thick while the Motorola Droid Incredible is 0.47-inches thick).” On the other hand, Techradar “would have preferred some extra width and a bigger battery.”

Thus, as a smartphone, the Nokia N8 is not the perfect 10. Even so, everyone seems to like the N8’s 12 megapixel camera and video functionality.

I haven’t fondled the N8 yet but did get my grubby paws on the iPhone and a few HTC models. Very nice they are, I’d say. And I’ll add the Samsung Wave (0.43 inches thick) to the list of sexy phones that also feel good.

Thus said, “The anorexic chicks, the model 6 – They don’t hold no weight with me – 8 or 9, well that’s just fine – But I like to hold something I can see.”

Perfect 10 was written by Paul Heaton and Dave Rotheray of The Beautiful South.

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