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Good-looking Samsung Wave

Apple’s iPhone 4G might take the top spot on wish lists for cell phones but it is in no way the one and only smart phone with brains and beauty. HTC, Motorola, Nokia and new smart phones from China all play the game well. Each of the operating systems also have their pluses and minuses. So it might be down to the price. In which case, the Samsung Wave could be what you want. 

Samsung Wave S8500

The 1Ghz Hummingbird processor runs apps and features well on the new Bada operating system, particularly video. The Super AMOLED screen is bright and boasts one of the best touch response times on the market.

For the price, the Samsung Wave S8500 is hard to beat. It also is a very good looking cell phone.

Samsung Wave reviews: cnet, engadgetGSM Arena, slashgear. Also see the iPhone vs Samsung Wave comparison.

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