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California revisited

Took the Greyhound all the way from my hideout in Florida east-west across the United States and then north-south back some time ago. It was a trip to discover small town America. The real United States. It left me with a lifetime of great memories.

Skipped most of the cities, giving the noise and smog of places like Huston and Los Angeles a wide berth. San Francisco is different, though. It is unlike any other big city in the world. Big mentality, big attitude, but with friendly folksie people. 

At the Ferry Building Marketplace I drowned some oysters and dungeness crab properly with ample amounts of local Pinot Gris. The latter was not to my liking. Tried the local Marsanne. Frankly, I am still to acquire a palate for California wines. In the meantime, I gladly keep on practising the taste buds.

The route that hugs the California coast, State Route 1, is one of the most scenic drives in the world. Particularly the Big Sur section. But before I get carried away, this post is not about the State of California. Instead, I’m revisiting the grand touring sports car that is the perfect complement to any road, scenic or not. The Ferrari California.

Ferrari California

Ferrari California – beautiful!

Launched in 2008, the California is Ferrari’s first front-engined V8, kicking 450 horses through the big fat rear wheels. Keep your foot down and you’ll quickly see 190 mph on the clock. Or so they say. I wouldn’t know, not having had the privilege to drive one yet. But I’ve had a chance to stroke the smooth body and feel the throbbing rhythm of the throaty purr. And, oh my goodness, what a lovely backside!

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