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Latest Jennifer Aniston pictures

Was browsing Huffington Post over a glass (disclosure: a bottle, actually) of Tenuta Belguardo when I came across pics of the topless Jennifer Aniston posing for her new Lovalie perfume. Almost swallowed the wine glass. Oh my goodness, Miss Aniston looks absolutely gorgeous! Started comparing the two:

Tenuta Belguardo is made from the Sangiovese varietal, the latter name which derives from the Latin sanguis Jovis, the blood of Jove, according to Wikipedia. Jove is the other name for Jupiter, the king of the mythological gods. Not much to compare there with sweet Jennifer. Sangiovese is also a much cloned wine variety. Also no comparison since sweet Jen is rather unique.

Sangiovese has fresh fruity flavors. Now we’re getting closer. It also is just a tad spicy. Now we’re hot. I poured another glass.

Jennifer Arniston pictures

Hollywood “good girl” Jennifer Aniston posing for pics for her own brand of perfume, Lolavie. For promotion of the new fragrance, the sweet Jen – our Woman of the month – had some very sexy pics of her taken at her favorite holiday spot, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. If the perfume is half as good as she looks in these photographs, then Lolavie is a winner.

Jennifer Aniston-1
Jennifer Aniston-2

Lolavie – Jennifer Aniston’s perfume

Jennifer Aniston on IMDB

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