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When half empty is half empty

Glass half full or glass half empty is dependent on your perspective. So when the bankers shot off another volley of apologies while foreclosures and unemployment continue to wreak havoc the half empty looks, well, half empty. New York Times columnist Frank Rich explained it well when he quoted Alan Greenspan – “I was right 70 percent of the time, but I was wrong 30 percent of the time” – adding, “If the captain of the Titanic followed the Greenspan model, he could claim he was on course at least 70 percent of the time too.”

The bankers reaction reminds one of a guy who rapes his daughter every day of the week, goes for therapy, and comes back claiming he is much better now because he stopped raping her on Mondays.

The other glass that is half empty, with grubby finger marks all over it, is the almost unbelievable (pardon the pun) reaction of the Catholic Church about their pedophile priests. For an institution that has made a lucrative living (another pun?) out of constantly reminding people of their sins one would think the church leaders would be down on offenders (oh no, another pun!) like a hammer. Instead, the church leaders seem to be taking the day off on Mondays only too, perhaps in an attempt to remind the flock that the glass is not quite empty yet. Who knows what that chalice contains? In the meantime, and this is no pun, the priests remain the butt of the joke.

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