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Live TV debate UK politics

The second live television debate by the leaders of three leading UK political parties turned out even more interesting than most US presidential TV debates. The UK debate format is more free in flow, thus appears less rehearsed and with less closing theatrics.

In the first debate (April 15), Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democratic Party beat the pants off David Cameron (Conservative Party) and Prime Minister Gordon Brown (Labour Party) by a country mile. The second debate (April 22) was a closer call, with initial newspaper polls giving Clegg the thumbs up but putting Brown strong on detail. The independent YouGov poll declared Cameron the winner, much to media’s surprise, as I could tell from their live blogging.

Following the debate with one eye on ITV and another on the live blogging on a number of British newspaper sites and the New Statesman was real fun, especially watching the audience reaction through the now popular worm tracker. The flavors of the followers of each differing media brand came through clearly in the instant comments. Maybe we are what we read, heaven forbid.

If you would allow me to share some advice on betting on the outcome of the British election: Don’t! It’s too close to call. Rather spend your money on beer.

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