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Finally earth is hotting up

After a rather coolish season, earth is finally hotting up again. Nothing to do with the temperature. We’re talking about exciting human happenings. And therefor lots of names.

> Great American Le Mans Series racing: Patrón Highcroft Racing team David Brabham and Simon Pagenaud pipped the Aston Martin Racing team Harold Primat and Adrian Fernandez to the post by a breathtaking 0.353 seconds at Long Beach in a race that was run at a hot pace throughout.

> Spectacular Formula One racing: Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso, Nico Rossberg – frankly, all the drivers in the F1 circus performed well in the wet but wonderful Chinese Grand Prix.

> Goldman Sachs thoroughly exposed and charged with fraud for their immoral bankruptcy (words used by Gordon Brown as he tries vehemently to suck up to voters) in, as Matt Tiabli puts it, “putting together the biggest ball of subprime shit” in their sick effort to screw the whole world. In the meanwhile setting up one of their own, little Fabrice Tourre, as the fall guy. If you’re not sure if you should laugh or cry at the antics of these fraudsters, try do both at the same time.

> Names, names, and more names in the network of financial hideousness exposed by LittleSis in their report The Bubble Barons. It reads like a Who’s-Whose-Wanker. It’s like discovering the final answer of a thick who-done-it crime novel on page two gladly because the rest of the story might not bring surprises.

> The usually boring, scandalous English politics is getting some fresh action in the form of their first live television election debates with outsider Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats) making the two lame, lying ducks – Gordon Brown (Labour Party) and David Cameron (Conservative Party) – looking even more lame as they keep lying through their plated teeth – as widely reported, including by the aptly named Slapometer slaptistics. During the first debate the clueless ducks so often agreed with Clegg that the most spoken phrase of the weekend became “I Agree With Nick.”

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