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Tempest in a coffeepot

There just absolutely, definitely and ultimately had to be an alternative to the Tea Party Patriots. Obviously it had to be a Coffee Party. What else? The Milkshake Makeovers? The Ginseng Gang? The Cucumber Club? Alas, any organization with serious intentions should be able to trace its name – and its cause – back to roots in history. Like the Kit Kat Club, the Knickerbockers, or any other hetaireiai, for that matter.

Aha! You say. But what roots did those clubs have? They were originators. And that, of course, is the root of the issue. It does not matter what a club or organization wants to call itself, here is one situation in life where the cause will be judged not by its actions but by its results… or it could be just another Ancient Order of Froth Blowers – rather sociable but not quite influential.

The Coffee Party USA has a nice clich├ęd pay-off line: “Wake Up and Stand Up” – even though an apple is better at waking you up than coffee. Their pay-off is more subdued than the Tea Party marketing line – “Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government, Free Market” – but just as obvious… and meaningful. After all, the United States is so damn big, so damn much in debt, so damn close to bankruptcy, whatever happens there is reverberated throughout the world. Good luck to the tea party, the coffee party or whatever other party will stop the bleeding. Let’s hope it’s not a tempest in a coffeepot.

Btw, see the origin of the phrase “tempest in a teapot.”

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