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I don’t want to know

When the Ferrari F1 team radioed Fernando Alonso during the last laps of the Australian Grand Prix that Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber were catching up fast with him, Alonso replied, “I don’t want to know!” It will probably go down as one of the most classic responses ever by a racing driver. It was, however, not a cry of desperation by the two-time Formula One champion; rather, it was testament of his absolute concentration on the track. Here was an example of a master at his craft. After all, Fernando Alonso is considered by many to be, pound-for-pound, the best F1 driver on the track today. 

Alonso drove like a champion and although he did not win he did manage to stay ahead of the charging McLaren Mercedes and Red Bull Renault, coming in fourth after Button (McLaren), Kubica (Renault) and Ferrari team mate Massa. (See full results.)

The Australian Grand Prix was one of the best F1 races in a while, the sport having become a bit lame after last year’s political infighting and boring races, including the usual Sunday afternoon shopping cart race known as the Bahrain Grand Prix, the season opener. (One would think that racing in the desert is best left to camels and 4x4s.)

Or, perhaps, one should learn from Alonso and say, “I don’t want to know” about the negatives. Because the next race in Bahrain might very well turn out to be exciting. Perhaps it’s best to concentrate on the race ahead, to keep the challenges at bay, to do your best on every lap of life.


Picture: Australian Grand Prix 2010
Alonso getting caught up in the opening tussle; Massa’s Ferrari to the right.

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