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Three sugars please

It’s easy to find the flavor of the national Tea Party movement. And if you can’t stomach it, add some sugar because it looks like they’ll be stirring up the political scene for some time to come. If you doubt it, look what happened last time. Then, as now, in essence it was much about the misuse of public money (commonly referred to as tax). And this time, too, the teabaggers – as they are known – are calling for a revolution.

The first recorded revolution in history, at around 2800 BC, took place when people from the Sumerian city of Lagash overthrew bureaucrats who also were lining their own pockets and those of their friends but kept raising taxes. The reason for revolution has not changed much.

The Tea Part movement, the Tea Party Patriots, claims to be a non-partisan, reflecting the structure of previous successful revolutions. Which makes one wonder why Republican Party member Sarah Palin was chosen to be the big ticket speaker to address the Tea Party Convention. Unsuccessful revolutions – yes, there were those too – were mostly arranged along party lines.

The word revolution means “turning around,” meaning a rapid transformation. For which I’ll have three sugars, thank you.

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