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The people’s bank

Banks borrow money from the public, create an insane amount of new money based upon multiples of the base money at an almost uncontrolled level, and then lend it back to the public at hugely increased rates. Money from nothing. Never made sense to me that almost all money is created by private banks without them having any security for it except other multiples of the base money, meaning they simply print more money in the form of creating more debt avenues.

What makes even less sense is that the public has voted for this (when they drew that little cross on the voting form). What is totally astounding is that the public will do so again on the next election day (in whichever country). The reason why they do so is simple: they never do due diligence on the party or person they vote for; it is a brain-numbing thought in this, the twenty-first century, when we are supposed to have more information available at our fingertips than ever before. For some reason, people seem simply not to believe or understand that almost all money in circulation is created by the banks for their own profit, no-one else’s. And that this is fake money. (The cash profits the bankers take are the real deposits made by the public and investors like pension funds.) If the created money was real money, based on actual value, the banks would not have needed bailing out.

Public money is real money

Keeping public money in the public purse makes perfect sense. “Public” as in citizens, not public as in stock exchange. The latter is, in fact, more private than any other organized association – it is evident in the few persons who benefit from it and the large number who do not: these few operate like a small pedophile group, exchanging secrets in backrooms.

How public is private?

Huffington Post has an interesting article on the Bank of North Dakota, calling it America’s “Socialist” Bank, explaining how it runs for the benefit for the public and how it is thriving. However, it gets a bit scary when the bank’s president, Eric Hardmeyer, says, “We think of ourselves as kind of a little mini-Federal Reserve.” The Federal Reserve is the biggest problem the United States has: the Fed is owned by private banks, 100% of it, the government (the citizens) own not a single share. And, just as scary, the Fed is so private it is not even publicly listed, making it is difficult to find a list of the 300-or-so (it is said) wealthy people who own the Fed. Of course, while the Fed pays dividends to its shareholders, most of the Fed’s profits go to the Treasury… which then gives it to the same shareholder banks for cheap who then create multiples of it and lend it back to the public at a hugely increased rate. A circle of evil. This, sadly, is true for most countries. This, also, is the reason why a few drive a flashy car today while you’re struggling to find enough money for train fare for your kids.

What you can do to fix it

Think twice on election day. Look past the rhetoric. Vote for those who truly have the interest of your community at heart. Stay away from debt. And if you do have a bit of money, for goodness sake, move it.

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