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Dumb Dumber Davos

The world’s brightest have been meeting in Davos, Switzerland. The measurement of brightest, in this case, comes from the reflection of the shiny bald heads. Same faces, same sins. The list of attendees looked like the Who’s Who from the Land of Duh.

It is not that the members of the World Economic Forum do not have good intentions. Their intentions are perfect. For themselves. Their slogan for this year included “Improve the State of the World.” They obviously live in a different world.

The slogan continues: Rethink, Redesign, Rebuild. Of course, if they had thought, designed and built properly in the first place they wouldn’t have needed this line. Last year the idea was to move from “Ego capitalism” to “Eco capitalism.” Well, you know what happened last year. (By the way, have you found a job yet?)

“Davos” has become the symbol for “Them against Us.” And, to quote an old friend: “There we were, two against two thousand – but, boy, did we f* those two up!” It’s time to saddle up.

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