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The heroic postman

Post Office companies around the world have been facing strong opinion and stiff competition. There have been calls for complete privatization and even dismantlement of traditional postal services. “Who needs mail nowadays when you have texting and email?” Millions do. In fact, the US Postal Service deliver some 200 billion pieces of mail to 149 million residences every year. Posties all over the world brave all kinds of weather (and some 4 000 dog bites every year just in the US alone) carrying 30-pound mailbags for 10 miles or more to deliver the mail while many in the private industry stay at home at the mere sight of a bit of snow.

Sure, the mail services don’t always get it right. But they do get it right most of the time. And when they get it right millions of time in extreme low temperatures in the United States and Europe you can’t but help calling the postman – and especially the postwoman – a local hero.

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