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Never mind the G8 the GR needs attention

poor youngThe Baby Boomers pensions went down the drain, many of Generation-X have lost their jobs, and Generation-Y can’t find jobs. Think you have it tough? Pity Generation-R, the Recession Generation. GR will be paying off the debt that the G8 created by giving away the Baby Boomers pensions and the Gen-X savings while Gen-Y was away at war.

The thought of another lost generation makes one shudder. Lessons from previous recessions (and Japan) have taught us that the horrible effects of  “lost” money could last for decades, longer even than the impact of war.

But of course, money can’t just disappear. The trillions of dollars traded on stock exchanges was just a giant ponzi scheme, that we know. The profits taken off the top were real money. We can get it back for our children’s sake. It must be somewhere. Switzerland?

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