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Example of a good terrorist

Terrorism is as old as human history. It was meant as a system to influence people positively about ideological issues, such as happened during the French Revolution, as a régime de la terreur. An effective way to get rid of the monarchs who themselves often ruled by threat or terror. Fortunately, we got rid of most of those nasties, the very characters who do not believe in the equality of man, the detestables who believe that we are lessor beings. However, terrorism didn’t stop there. Having proved its effectiveness, terrorism became the weapon against the people instead of for the people.

The face of modern terrorism actually reflects the monarchical terrorism of old. The ruler of his domain parading in fancy clothes, waving the man in the street away from his comfort zone, muttering threats to those who he thinks will invade his space. Driven around in the latest version of the longest carriage, the modern terrorist will not stop for a mere moment to lend a helping hand those had fallen on his parade. Instead, he will surround himself with an army of footmen and lawyers to protest anyone who dares to challenge his empire. Tonight he will go home and know that people will cheer if he slits his wrists. [There are some things money can’t buy.]

Terrorists, of course, also call their enemies “terrorists.” Yep, that’s what they call us.

But let’s talk about those terrorists with real guns (mostly supplied by companies some of our family members work for in our own country).  The good news is that they have never won a war against the people. Not even during the French Revolution – even Jean-Paul Marat was stabbed to death by someone he knew. Terrorists mostly are back-stabbing, disloyal, confused, and deranged wannabees with (pun intended) no future. But… I have found an example of a good terrorist:

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