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Good riddance to a bad decade

The first decade of the third millennium will most likely not be remembered for nice gadgets such as the iPhone or Wii but for the global power shift from the West to the East, hastened by the recession caused by poor financial control by the governments of Europe and the United States.

It was the decade in which 95% of music downloads and most movies were pirated. A period in history with more sports and science scandals than any other. It was also the decade of the obese, with as many overweight people as there are underfed, about a billion each. 27% of food in the West ended up in garbage cans, enough to feed the hungry twice. 

warIt was the decade where the divide between the rich and the middle class expanded and the huge gap with the poor increased.

The decade in which the market for false money was created through nonsensical speculative futures trading – for instance, a barrel of oil is traded more than 20 times before it reaches its destination.

A decade in which the money of the poor was given, without their consent, to the rich, the latter who have become the most socially useless class. A decade of swindles.

It was a decade of more wars than any other decade with fewer political solutions ever reached.

It was the decade that reflected the fact that we humans share 98% of our DNA with apes and 50% with bananas and cabbages.

Good riddance to a bad decade.

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