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Holding the sun

The “Holding the sun” pictures are an absolute rave, enjoying a good orbit around the web. The sun fascinates us because we are so dependent and influenced by the it. The sun has featured in mythology and religion since remembrance.

The sun is the closest star to earth. It consists mostly of hydrogen (75%) and helium, generated by nuclear fusion. It takes a million years for the energy from a single nuclear fusion reaction in the center of the sun to reach the surface, according to Extreme Science. Even so, every second, the sun produces about 400 trillion trillion watts of energy. That’s the equivalent of a trillion 1 megaton atom bombs!

These sun pictures can be found at Flickr by searching “holding the sun“.

Holding the sun 1

Holding the sun 2

Holding the sun 3

Holding the sun 5

Holding the sun 6

And… holding the moon
holding the moon

Please note: the images appear to be copy free. If that happens not to be the case, please note it in the comments.

Wishing you a sunny day :)

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