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Killing Him Didn’t Make The Love Go Away

Only once in a while does a song come along that is so raving good it makes you stop in your tracks to listen again… and again. There are users in places like last.fm that have listened to it more than 500 times – it hasn’t even been out that long. The song is Killing Him by Amy Lavere from her album Anchors & Anvils.

The evocative lyrics come from a true story about a woman that killed her husband. Amy Lavere saw her on TV being escorted away, shouting, “killing him didn’t make the love go away!” Powerful words. To which Texan singer/songwriter/actress Lavere added some more cutting lyrics [“she’d have to kill him to make him stay”] and delivered it with a voice that sounds almost too innocent for the story. But it is this combination – strong lyrics with an americana presentation – that makes this song a rave.

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