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Fun wheels – all 3 of them!

“Developed by aeronautical engineers, form follows function in every aspect of its design.” So says the makers of the exciting Carver One three-wheeled tilting driving machine. It looks part-motorcycle but features traditional driving controls, complete with steering wheel. Needless to say, cornering is said to be awesome. With styling to match.

Riding on double 5-spoke alloy wheels the Dynamic Vehicle Control system automatically adjusts the tilt angle of the cockpit to the speed and acceleration of the vehicle. Add a sports interior, top it with a removable hardtop roof and you have some wheels to rave about.

Even the petrolheads like it, as Aaron Weddell of pistonheads.com reports. Richard Hammond of TopGear gave it a bash in this video while in his video Jeremy Clarkson calls it “the most fun you could have.”


Update: Oops! Three wheels couldn’t help steering Carver through the recession. (Perhaps adding another wheel might have helped:) Carver closed down in 2009.

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