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“I am Duffy”

Simple title for a new personal website… but a strong statement: I am Duffy. It is not as if blond Welsh singer Amimee Anne Duffy has just arrived; her unique soulful voice has all the elements of a mature sensuous delivery to leave the impression that she has been singing the blues for years. Alas, she turned 24 on 23rd of June 2008 and had made her debut only in March 08.

The debut album Rockferry was three years in the making, as if in a sculptor’s studio. That sculptor being musical genius Bernard Butler, the elegant but strong sound behind Duffy. The man seem to hold the secret on how to create legendary blues instantly. The studio being the legendary Rough Trade Records of music masters Geoff Travis and Jeannette Lee.

Comparisons with the greats are streaming in, particularly Dusty Springfield. And inevitably with Joss Stone and the fabulous Amy Winehouse. There will be more. Duffy’s gutsy voice, however, is different from anything heard in a long while. Classic but fresh at the same time. A Rave to the Nth degree.

Duffy and Bernard Butler : Syrup & Honey

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