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The wonderful thing about smiling

07/07/2010. Category: Raves & Rants. Topic: .

Smile and the whole world smiles with you! Smiling is a raving wonderful thing. And very healthy. Various studies indicate that smiling is a fun way to live longer. Smiling lowers your blood pressure, boosts your immune system, relieves stress… and makes you seem successful. Thus, not only is a smile an inexpensive way to change your looks, a smile is free therapy. And there’s more: scientists revealed that a smile gives the same level of stimulation as eating 2 000 chocolate bars or receiving $24,000 in cash.

Smiling is a universal language – it is the same in every language. It is one of the first things that babies learn to do. And it’s very, very contagious. Try it now, look up, smile at someone and you’ll notice their first instinct is to smile back. You’ll love it! After all, people who smile more are liked more. Read more…

Canelo vs Golovkin – First fight

17/09/2017. Category: People. Topic: .

Golovkin vs Canelo poster

The Canelo Álvarez vs Gennady Golovkin purse paled against that of The Money Fight between Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor but the match did not.

While the Mayweather vs McGregor match turned out to be a circus on August 26, 2017, on September 16, Canelo and GGG returned glory to the boxing ring by delivering one of the best superfights in modern boxing history.

On the night, two of the greatest boxers of our time boxed in style, gave their all and earned every penny.

Read more…

Does pot make you dumb? Probably a tiny bit.

15/08/2017. Category: Raves & Rants. Topic: .

smoking weed

For years, the image of the silly, spaced-out stoner seemed to embody marijuana use in popular culture. But with new, relaxed marijuana policies becoming law in many states, the picture is changing. High-functioning executives, government officials and even grandparents are openly discussing smoking pot.

Still, the question remains: Does marijuana negatively impact intelligence? Researchers have long disagreed. A new study using many years of data tries to settle the debate. Read more…

Is the world really sleepwalking to war? Systems thinking can provide an answer

16/07/2017. Category: Raves & Rants. Topic: , .

By Roger Bradbury, Australian National University; Chris Barrie, Australian National University, and Dmitry Brizhinev, Australian National University.

The idea the world is sleepwalking to war, much like Europe did in the early years of the 20th century, deserves to be taken seriously. One of us (Chris Barrie) set the hares running recently when he said that, as in 1914, political leaders today are doing just that. Read more…

Products sold via social media links

05/04/2017. Category: Media. Topic: .

Operating an online shop is hard work. To get products moving you’ll have to do a bit better than competing stores. Especially in the marketing department.

You’ll have to throw some money at Adwords, Facebook ads and the many other advertising platforms. You’ll also have to invest a lot of time in marketing on social network. But with little time on hand, on which social networks should you invest most of your time? The answer might surprise you. Read more…

KTM 1090 vs 1190 vs 1290 Adventure R

31/03/2017. Category: Wheels. Topic: , .

We knew about the KTM 1090 Adventure R long before its arrival but did not know how it will arrive. And arrive with spectacular specifications it did.

It’s not, as was expected, a toned-down 1190 or bumped-up 1050. No, the new KTM 1090 Adventure R – albeit it still with 1050 cc in stock – is, in the big adventure bike segment, the one to beat. Especially considering its aggressive price point. Read more…

Spring Storm: U.S. and Romania practice storming Black Sea shores

25/03/2017. Category: Raves & Rants. Topic: .

The United States and Romanian navies practiced storming the beaches of the Black Sea, a relatively rare example of practicing an attack in the region that Russia considers its own and where it increasingly feels under siege.

The USS Carter Hall, an amphibious dock landing ship, exited the Black Sea on March 22 after taking part in the exercises, Spring Storm 2017. U.S. or NATO exercises in the Black Sea have become fairly dog-bites-man news – and NATO has promised to conduct them even more frequently – but these are novel in that they are practicing an explicitly offensive scenario. Read more…

Impossible things

07/12/2016. Category: Raves & Rants. Topic: .

Alice laughed: “There’s no use trying,” she said; “one can’t believe impossible things.”
“I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

– Lewis Carroll, 1872, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Car of the Year

02/12/2016. Category: Wheels. Topic: .

The Car of the Year (COTY) choices made by the different magazines and organizations are always interesting. This year, 2016, the results were as surprising as the outcome of United States presidential elections if only that the odds on the predictions were long.

There are many different classes for which awards were made, included Small Cars, Electric Cars, Executive Cars, Sports cars, MPVs and SUVs. But here we’ll look at Car of the Year, usually chosen on top of the classes. Read more…

Trump vs May vs Farage vs Dorrach

23/11/2016. Category: People. Topic: .

The vibrancy of the 2016 US presidential elections continues to reverberate across the planet. Elected liberals still can’t make head or tails of the results while conservatives are claiming the dawn of a new age in politics.

At stake are the billions of dollars the United States annually contribute to a variety of international causes and actions. Who has bitten the hand that will be holding the feed in the near future? Read more…

11/8/16 – Sad day for USA and the World

09/11/2016. Category: People. Topic: , .

“The people have spoken. The bastards!”

That might sound like a quote from Hilary Clinton on the news that she lost the race to the White House to Donald Trump. But it was someone else who said that.

The race did not start and did not end well for Clinton. And while the mainstream media editorials and polls had her leading almost up to the end it is now clear that their methods were askew. They should have listened to William Faulkner’s advice: “In writing, you must kill all your darlings.” Read more…

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