Twitter embed on WordPress

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You have to hand it to Matt Mullenberg and the WordPress team. With every update of the WordPress blogging platform they come up with something smackingly good.

The WordPress version 3.4 released today, for instance, introduces a real easy Twitter embed. It works just like the YouTube embed: simply copy the link and paste it into your post. Done!  Here’s an example of a pasted a WWF tweet:  Read more…

Facebook stock price today

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Facebook - The Social Network

The Facebook stock price today is $26. The initial public offering priced the stock priced at $38 but on the morning of the opening on May 18 the price went up to $42, closing back at $38 by end of day’s trading. Since the IPO, the stock has dropped as low as $25, more than 30% from the initial offering.

Since Facebook has gone public it has been a target for short sellers who have dropped the value by $27 billion, a quarter sliced off its initial $104 billion value. Ouch!  Read more…

Newspaper archive on Google

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Half of newspapers is rubbish and half is good stuff. Which half is rubbish and which is good is entirely up to your perspective. Or, perhaps, as Shakespeare said, “Nothing is wrong until you think it is.”

Finding either half in newspapers archives is easy thanks to the Google Newspaper Archive Search. Very handy. Features newspapers published as way back as 1790. Pretty awesome.

Chicago the musical

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Chicago the musical

The musical “Chicago” won 6 Oscars in March 2003. It is based on the true story of Belva Gaertner and Beulah Annan, two ravishing and witty women murderers who became celebrities in the 1920s.

When asked what kind of jury she needed, Gaertner responded: “I want worldly men, broad-minded men, men who know what it is to get a bit.” She had a gig in a cabaret when she married William Gaertner, her second husband, in 1917. William was convinced from the start that Belva was being unfaithful to him. They both hired gumshoes, who spent their time mostly spying on each other. Read more…

Tips in Movie Production Planning

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Professionals do not content themselves with making plans. They implement them and follow through on them.

Writing the script is not exactly planning. However, the resulting script forms the basis for all decisions that have to be made to prep up production. Having no script will prevent you from costing the program, designing its look, determining the crew and equipment needed, listing the locations or sets, budgeting the production or setting a schedule. Only a true script can provide the means to plan as opposed to an outline no matter how long it is. Non-fiction programs typically use a two-column (audio and video) formatted script to include complete narration and essential audio as well as the visuals.  Read more…

Hello Google Music!

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Google Music

It is told that Nero was playing the fiddle while Rome burned. While Washington burns, Google launches Google Music.

Just as well, because bankers and politicians are not bringing us joy. We’ll have to make our own. So, bring 20,000 of your best (non-pirated) songs – that’s how many Google Music allows you to store online for free – and make some beautiful noise. Read more…

Happy Birthday Google

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Google 13th birthday 2011

This youngster turned 13 today, entering the teen years. Happy birthday Google. May you continue – or, in the least, try to – “do no evil.”

Google’s first kiss came at a very young age, making out with blogger (aka blogspot) – and a host of others – at age 5, with Android at age 7 and then turned hot on YouTube at age 8 with many others to follow. Sure been one heck of a busy kid, this Google youngster. Kinda reminds one of Alexander the Great who also, by the way, conquered almost the whole world at an young age. Read more…

Google Plus and the Empty Restaurant Theory

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Google Plus

Your favorite restaurant – the one you believe to have absolutely the best food in town – might not be the busiest eatery and you may often have wondered why. After all, it even has better seats and greater decor than the ones you know of. You’ve told your friends about it, suggested it at meetings and even stumbled their website yet people pass it en mass to go to some gitty place down the road. Read more…

Facebook-Google social tiff

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Facebook-Google tiff

Google’s Social Circle is a pretty nifty service for those interested in seeing information about friends and friends of friends. Simply sign in to your Gmail account and spy away to your delight. You might discover some amazing gossip, perhaps even about yourself. This is private data no-holds bar available publicly.

Which is what Facebook is making noise about too. Facebook hired PR firm Burson-Marsteller to spread the nasty about Google’s privacy policy, never mind their own piffy privacy policy (as exposed by the Wall Street Journal). So, we have 2 social media giants, both with questionable privacy policies, having their own social face-off on where else but social media hangouts on the web and mobile social networks. Read more…

The Sound of Movies

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If you are making an independent film on a miniscule budget it is inevitable that some aspect of your movie will be compromised due to your lack of funds. The ultimate challenge for an independent filmmaker working with a shoestring budget is to some how make their movie look and sound like it deserves to be with the big boys on the film festival circuit. While certain things have to be eliminated or kept to a minimum with a low budget film production such as special effects, makeup and lighting it is important to understand that the sound aspect of a low budget movie should never be compromised. Try sitting through a two hour movie that has a constant hum in the soundtrack and you will know what I mean. People will watch just about anything on the screen, but they will not listen to anything that assaults their sense of hearing. Read more…

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