Harley-Davidson Street 750 and 500 liquid-cooled Revolution X urban beauties

V-twin. Obviously. H-D sound. Obviously. Authentic H-D looks. Obviously. Big moto? No. The new Street 750 and 500 models might just do for Harley-Davidson what the iPhone did for Apple: a smaller-engine model that probably will have a huge impact on the motorcycle market.

The 749cc and 494cc Street models might not put a Harley in every household but certainly will make it accessible for many more wanna-be hog riders. 

Harley-Davidson Street 750

Built on the new liquid-cooled Revolution X platform, these “babies” are “narrow and lean” but according to the new Harley-Davidson Street website, “This is real steel. The new Harley-Davidson Street motorcycles are true Harley-Davidson. There’s no substitute.”


749cc liquid-cooled Revolution X engine, V-Twin 60° four-valves per head
494cc liquid-cooled Revolution X engine, V-Twin 60° four-valves per head
6 Speed transmission
Belt drive
2-into-1 exhaust
Mid mount controls
Easy lock-to-lock sweep
Single caliper disc brakes
Specially tuned suspension
2-up seat with passengers pegs
Metal tank and fenders
LED tail laights and bullet signals
17 inch front wheel, 15 inch rear wheel
Wheelbase: 1 151mm (59.5”)
Weight: 217kg (480 LBS) (WET)

In comparison, the Street models have the same wheelbase as the previously smallest Harley-Davidson, the Sportster 883, but weigh some 40kg (88 lbs) less.

Only a test ride will tell if the new Street Harley will leave a throbbing sensation in all the right places. You’ll be able to get a leg over in Q2 2014.

Note: new video added in 2015

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